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How to Become a Missionary

Thinking of how to become a missionary?Thinking of becoming a missionary? Here’s the good news. You’re already called and you’re probably pretty qualified. Jesus commands us to go and make disciples of all nations. That’s your calling. The Holy Spirit directs our steps. That qualifies you. Is it really that simple? In many ways it should be. But here are few tips.

Spend some time in prayer and seek wise counsel. God will answer us in regards to missions, if we’re willing to ask Him. Confirmation from those you are accountable to is also a good idea. Talk with your church leadership, small group, or mentor.

Are you already involved in ministry? Missionaries don’t begin ministry when they head overseas. Many times they do what they were already doing at home. They simply chose to serve cross-culturally, or where the need is greatest. We don’t become something else just because we got a job title, or changed locations.

Consider taking a short-term mission trip. While not required, short-term trips can help confirm your desire to serve in a cross-cultural setting. It can help you to decide where to serve and what type of ministry is a good fit. It can also be part of your preparation for full-time service.

Do you need training? How much? Is it necessary? These are good questions and the answers are different for everyone. It can vary from taking short-term trips and serving locally, to a biblical studies program, and everything in between. Investigate what’s out there. There are some great training programs that are specific to serving cross-culturally. You want to be prepared, but know that it’s not uncommon to “feel unprepared.” Remember the Holy Spirit is at work in you and is working in those around you to fulfill the Great commission. Also, seriously consider studying your country’s language. It will be essential.

Find a mission agency that fits you and your sending church. This does require a little homework. Some agencies have more requirements/restrictions than others. Some offer nothing more than processing donations. Look for an agency that will support you in areas that are important to you. A good mission agency can make all the difference in your success on the field.

Lastly, be prepared to raise your own financial support. The days of a home church fully funding missionaries are behind us. The good news is that support raising is an important part of preparing you to serve others. Like most ministry, it is both humbling and exciting at the same time. Often we need a change of perspective about giving in order to be successful in partnership development. There are some great resources on the subject. Take some time and educate yourself on fundraising for missions.

This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it’s enough to get you started. God is looking for obedient people. If you’re willing to obey, He will make a way. He equips and provides for those He calls. Are you willing to go?

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